10 Small Business Ideas When You Think You Hate Selling

If you hate selling, you are not alone. However, you are alone if your business fails because you cannot sell your service or product. Many people often get discouraged when they try to start a business that requires sales.

This is completely understandable because not everyone is a talented salesperson, and not everyone with natural sales skills is happy to sell.

While some people sell the scariest items in a way a potential buyer would love, others might not even sell their life-saving items.

Is marketing a gift?

The truth is that for some people marketing is a gift, while for others it is an art that takes a long time to master. Therefore, it is quite understandable that someone who is not talented in the art of marketing might want to deviate from the business of selling.

However, this is not a completely hopeless situation for people who like owning a business but don’t enjoy selling. If you are one of those people, there is good news.

You can start dozens of businesses that require no sales at all. These are mostly service companies, some of which are described below.

Small business ideas without sales

Transportation of goods

Transportation includes the transportation of goods and products from one place to another. 

Most companies that deal in goods and services, especially manufacturing and wholesalers, require contractors from time to time to help them transport raw materials or distribute finished goods to their customers.

To start moving goods, you need a good truck, a driver, and a contract with a company to handle their transportation duties. and good for you to go. No sales and no marketing.

Event planning

Another business that you can manage without having to sell products is event planning. However, you must have a passion for planning and organizing to be successful in this business. You can be a social organizer or organizer.

Corporate event organizers organize meetings, workshops, annual rallies, lunches, and other corporate events for the company, while social event planning arranges weddings, birthdays, weddings, and other social events for their clients.

Social event planners routinely get more work, while corporate event organizers usually don’t need to plan as many events as possible, but they can get a lot more than those planning social events. You need to take these differences into account before diving in.


This is also known as child-like thinking. Most of the parents are working-class, meaning they have to work every day and usually need someone to reject their children until they get home.

This includes parenting; They help parents take care of the children until the parents come home. Some adults care for the elderly who specialize in caring for the elderly who are too frail to take care of themselves.


Internships are another business that requires no form of selling at all. All you need is a sharp mind, excellent teaching skills, and a good advertising strategy to get people to know your services. Teaching services can be offered online or offline.

Business coaching

Another business that doesn’t need to be sold is business coaching services. Many people want to start their own business but are confused about how to go about it.

Such people need guidance and guidance from an expert to hold their hand and guide them through the process – and of course, get paid for the service they provide. If you have the passion, knowledge, and experience to become a business coach, why not?

Cleaning Services: 

If you like cleaning or are obsessed with organization, providing cleaning services is a business idea for you. Many people can’t afford to take the time to clean their own home or office – but are willing to pay anyone who can do it for them.

Laundry Services: 

Laundry services are an easy start as long as you take the time to learn the skills you need and how to maximize your income. No form of sale is required here either.

Market research

Market research is usually required for companies that are planning a launch, adding a new product to their product line, or making changes to an existing product. 

These companies cannot do all of these things without first studying the market and the possible reactions of consumers to the decision. Typically, market researchers are assigned to carry out this market research task.


If there is a topic you like or talk about that you want to share with the world, you can easily turn it into a business by simply creating a blog and getting people to promote their product or service. after the blog started. generate good traffic.

Freelance Writing: 

Finally, you can become a freelance writer. They are paid by individuals and organizations to write blogs, magazine articles, business plans, e-books, etc. And you are well paid for it.

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