Hints for Planning a Perfect Wedding

Find a date that works for everyone.

Find a date that works for everyone. Be aware of the guests coming from where they come from, all year, all day, every day of the week. Everyone should feel comfortable.

Wedding Planners

Be comfortable with the wedding professionals that you choose.

Be comfortable with the wedding professional of your choice. When you do this, you will find yourself not second-guessing and feeling a lot better.


Don’t involve too many people in your decisions. Close family. It must end here. Too many cooks spoil the soup. Only your close family. Keep your friends and coworkers away from him. Asking too many people for their opinion can cloud yours. Remember, this is about you.

The Wedding Budget

Be realistic about the budget.

Be realistic about the budget. Before you start, lay everything down in black and white. Understand what things are going to cost and where the money is coming from. The biggest argument and biggest concern you are going to have are when you go over budget and where is the money coming from. Lay it all out. Stay on track. Stay within the budget. Everything else will fall into place.


Work within your budget. There is no need to overspend, especially in these economic times. You will find your wedding dollars will go a long way.


Make sure you know the per-person price and the cost factor. That has to play into your budget and has to be one of the most important things. Understand what fees are associated with the menu. There are service fees, there are taxes, there are maitre d fees. There are all kinds of fees. When they give you a price make sure that is included.


Choosing a Location

Find a location that you fall in love with. 

Find a place for reception and ceremony that work for you and that makes you fall in love with. Once you’ve booked these places, everything else will match up with each other.


Write down the guest list. You want to make sure the room isn’t too big or too small for your guest list. 

Go to a reputable place. Ask around. Find out what people are doing. Understand the pros and cons of each location.


Be careful with everything that happened that day. All of your guests will be here and beyond. Perhaps the best location for a wedding is at home if you have the property for it. So try to find a place that makes you feel at home. Once you enter the place, you will know. If you feel at home, this is your view.


Think about you and your fiancé and your vision as you meet and talk about marriage. Think about that vision. You chose the right place.


You will see many banquet halls. You will see many different banquet halls. When all is said and done, you will go where you love and people you trust. Go on with your gut.


Think differently. You don’t have to go to the usual reception hall or banquet hall. You can go almost anywhere you want. Maybe somewhere where you met. Maybe on an island somewhere. Relax, enjoy, kick, and make sure you both feel really comfortable.


Selecting Vendors

Go with your gut when choosing vendors.

Choosing your vendors is very important. Go with your gut. You are usually right. It is a strong relationship between you and your vendors for your wedding day. You have to have total confidence in them. Once you make that decision never look back.

Make sure you book all your vendors. They book up quickly. As soon as you book your hall you should book all your vendors.


Little Details

Programs are useful and make a great keepsake.

Make sure you do programs for your wedding to let your guests know what is going on. Also, they are a great keepsake.


Make sure you get your seating chart to your caterer two weeks prior. It allows them time to prepare the room for you.


Keep It In Perspective

Have fun on your wedding day and don’t forget to keep things real.

Have fun. Laughing at you Be humble. Enjoy this process once in a lifetime. Keep a journal of all the characters you meet. You will meet many characters. On your first anniversary, open this magazine and have fun with it.


Customize your wedding. It’s all for you. Make sure you don’t let anyone influence what you want to do. Your wedding only lasts five hours. Your memories for a lifetime. Make it yours


Most importantly, remember to keep things real. Your wedding day is your first wedding day, but it is only your wedding day. Maybe on your wedding day, you want to set the tone for your entire wedding. Take care of things that are real, be yourself, enjoy, and don’t stress. This is just the beginning.

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