How to Choose and Wear Jewellery That Match With Your Style

Over the centuries, jewelry has been an integral part of our fashions. It is considered a symbol of prosperity, a symbol of elegance and class. For centuries, people have experimented with different types of jewelry, including costume jewelry, diamond jewelry, platinum jewelry, and many more.

The beauty of costume jewelry is unmatched as it is a combination of traditional design and modern style. Jewelry made of stones and semi-precious materials such as plastic, jute, wood, metal, and leather is very popular with the younger generation. Both men and women love to flaunt costume jewelry with endless variations and designs.

Endless varieties and designs

Gone are the days when only precious gold and diamond jewelry were popular. Nowadays, semi-precious and elegant costume jewelry is the latest trend. Available in a variety of flavors and designs to suit every setting. Known as one of the fastest-selling jewelry in the world, it is available in a variety of forms including necklaces, bracelets, nose rings, anklets, earrings, etc.

How to Choose and Wear Jewellery That Match With Your Style

Compared to real gold jewelry, jewelry is cheaper and affordable for everyone. This is one of the main reasons for its growing popularity. The intricate design and excellent workmanship are the other main reasons for its widespread use.

Jewelry is a combination of traditional and modern styles. Today, it is one of the most preferred jewelry displayed by men and women on occasions such as weddings and social events.

Jewelry with a Bold Statement

Fashion jewelry consists of various materials such as beads, pearls, leather, and jute. Semi-precious stones such as crystals, diamonds with zirconium are placed on gold, nickel, and brass plated metals to form beautiful ornaments. Many online stores offer fashion jewelry of various designs and models at attractive prices.

Not only do women love to flaunt their fashion jewelry, but there are also lots of attractive designs for men. Earrings, pendants, bracelets are some of the most common fashion accessories for men. Today, most celebrities flaunt earrings and fashion jewelry, which further emphasizes the demand in the world market.

How to Choose and Wear Jewellery That Match With Your Style


Fashion jewelry is considered one of the most valuable possessions of a woman. It has been known to enhance the worldview of the wearer and change the entire personality of the person who shows it off. The price of this jewelry is much lower than other types of jewelry, which makes it even more popular with people.

Many well-known designers make costume jewelry in all varieties and prices. Most of this jewelry is approved by celebrities, which makes them even more famous. Jewelry is one of the best alternatives to expensive and inexpensive jewelry.

The unique combination of style, beauty, and less precious stones and metals has captivated the hearts of millions of fashion lovers.

How To Match Your Jewellery With Your Style

Choosing the right jewelry will add the finishing touch to any outfit, and there’s nothing worse than spending time picking the perfect outfit for an occasion just trying to find jewelry that fits your style. When you’re working hard, you don’t want to leave your clothes at the last minute by putting jewelry on them. After all, this should add to your outfit and not spoil it.

However, choosing the right accessories for your style doesn’t have to be difficult – it just takes some thought. Whether you’re dressing for a new job, a friend’s wedding, or an evening out, has put together a guide to help you find the right jewelry for your style.

Know what your options are

How to Choose and Wear Jewellery That Match With Your Style

 Firstly, there are so many types and styles of jewelry that you need to know what your options are. Keep up with the latest trends for the season and you’ll have a better idea of ​​what’s in store for you. Of course, you can always get classic and timeless pieces. You can’t go wrong with a little gold necklace or stud earrings. However, if you’re looking for something a little more expressive, be sure to spend some time shopping to find out what’s available then.

Make sure your jewelry matches the occasion

Your outfit suits the occasion, whether you’re wearing it for the day of an important competition or work meeting. Regardless of the occasion, your jewelry should not only match your outfit, but it should match the occasion as well. While you may prefer large bracelets or bangle bracelets, they aren’t ideal for all-day typing, just as you wouldn’t wear expensive jewelry to a busy, muddy festival. So you need to make sure your jewelry is suitable for the occasion.

How to Choose and Wear Jewellery That Match With Your Style

Simple jewelry compliments a busy outfit

If you have chosen clothes that are strong or colorful, or maybe you have chosen clothes that are already very, very messy and structured, then you need to be careful with the jewelry you pair this with. If your clothes are already very busy and things are happening, then you need to keep your jewelry simple and in control. If not, you may be screaming or uncoordinated and nowhere to look. On the other hand, your clothes look busy and visually striking.

Embrace color contrasts

The key to accessories as a pro is contrast. If your outfit is made of cool colors, it’s a good idea to pair it with warmer colors. For example, bright colors like blues and purples go well with fiery colors like ruby ​​or amber. Also, wearing a bolder color with more defined black or white elements can help accentuate the jewelry and accentuate the look.

How to Choose and Wear Jewellery That Match With Your Style

Likewise, if your clothes are made of warmer colors, it’s a good idea to choose cooler colors. A perfect example of this is when you wear dark green or blue, they match orange or yellow gemstones for highlighting. There’s the real science behind combining these colors, and you’ve probably heard the popular “opposites attract” saying – it applies to accessories! It’s about accepting contrast.

Match your jewelry to your skin tone

How to Choose and Wear Jewellery That Match With Your Style

Just as you want the color of your jewelry to compliment your outfit, you also want it to match your skin tone. Silver is one of the most popular metals as its color compliments most natural skin tones. But if you’ve got darker skin or hair, gold could be the color for you! Plus you’ve got to consider the gems or colors that are included in your jewelry. Warmer skin tones pair nicely with warmer colors such as orange or yellow, whereas lighter skin tones should opt for deeper colors like purple, blue, or red.

Make sure your earrings shape your face

A pair of statement earrings can make you stand out and complete your outfit. That said if you don’t consider the shape of your face you could end up with a less than flattering look. For example, for those with oval faces simple studs or triangle earrings are the best bet for highlighting your cheekbones. But for those with a heart shape face, long drop earrings are a good look. Do some research into the types of earrings that best suit the shape of your face and then choose a style that matches your outfit, whether this is something big and bold, or classic and understated.

How to Choose and Wear Jewellery That Match With Your Style

Think about how your body type affects your style

As above, you will need to think through your frame to find the jewelry that best suits you and your style. First of all, make sure you wear a ring that will accentuate your hand. Narrow straps can make your fingers appear longer if you have smaller hands. But usually, a big ring always helps you stand out.

Just as your size and shape influence your style (because you want your clothes to accentuate your body), so does your jewelry. For example, if you have a larger frame, heavy jewelry can add even more to your look. If you are taller or have a longer body, go for a longer necklace, and don’t be afraid to lay it down. And for the shorter ones, it’s best to go for a necklace that sits around your collar. Be realistic about your designs and sizes and you will find the best accessories to suit your style.

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