How to Give Flowers on Every Special Occasion: What to Know

Flowers have played an important role in culture and human survival for thousands of years. The end products of flowers – fruit and seeds – are just as important as food. Flowers add a splash of color to homes and gardens and symbolize love, sadness, and renewal. Yet we often ignore their true purpose. Why are there flowers and why do they have a certain color, shape, and smell? 

The language of flowers

Flowers have blossomed and bloomed in the hearts of mankind, right in the middle of the history of civilization as we know it; They are a constant source of splashes and paints on the gray background of everyday life. Flowers are seasonal symbols of joyful feelings; A heart of a beautiful wreath can convey messages of strength and drama, love and gratitude, passion and prayer.

Flowers have a story to tell, and thanks to the Victorians, they have become such a powerful symbol, so similar in meaning that flowers explode in their language – the subject of Queen Victoria coined the term “floriography” – a term used to describe the language of flowers.

This was very important in Victorian times – it can be difficult to understand in today’s world where we enjoy extraordinary freedom of speech and expression and modern flower arrangements can say a lot. However, in more conservative times, a romantic bouquet of red roses has to work very hard to get its message across.

A beautiful flower arrangement should say what a lover might not be able to say!

You can give flowers to the recipient on almost any occasion. People are happy when they see the flower. This is a way to let people know that you value them and that you will shape their day. Here are suggestions for the best flowers for 8 different special occasions.

Mother’s Day

How to Give Flowers on Every Special Occasion: What to Know

On Mother’s Day, the traditional gift flower is carnations. Anna Jarvis created this habit when she started distributing white carnations on Mother’s Day. It is also believed that pink carnations first jumped from the earth when Our Lady shed tears over Jesus’ death. Roses are also popular flowers that are given as gifts on Mother’s Day. The rose smells good, which means your mother will be adorable if you give it to her. Tulips are another popular flower that can help you express warmth and love for your mother on Mother’s Day.

Welcome a New Baby

If your friend or relative has recently had a baby, you can send flowers to show that you are happy for them. Daffodils are the best choice for babies born in the spring. Hydrangeas are also a great way to congratulate a newborn because they come in blue and pink. Daisy Gerbera is a big, happy flower that is great for good tidings and greeting new babies. Roses are donated by husbands when new babies are born. Roses are an expression of gratitude and devotion to loved ones.

Saying Thank You to a Person Who Helped You

How to Give Flowers on Every Special Occasion: What to Know

You’ve received a lot of help from someone recently and you want to send flowers to say thank you. Nothing says thank you like sweet peas, which means thank you for a nice time. You can order sweet beans from an online flower delivery service to thank someone who invited you to dinner. The pink hydrangea is the best flower for someone who is by your side during difficult times. Available in various colors including pink, white, peach, and blue. Iris can be a compliment to a friend – she wrote that I appreciate your friendship. Chrysanthemum tells friends that you are beautiful.

Happy birthday flowers

How to Give Flowers on Every Special Occasion: What to Know

You can also give flowers to friends on their birthday. You can choose flowers for the month your friend’s birthday is born. For example, if her birthday is in February, you can send an iris wreath. The lily is a suitable flower for birthdays because it is a positive flower. Orchids are usually given on a friend’s birthday because they represent beauty and love. When it is your husband’s birthday, you can give him red roses. Roses symbolize romantic love and respect. Gerbera in happy flowers and is suitable as a gift for a happy friend on his birthday.

Send condolences at the funeral

How to Give Flowers on Every Special Occasion: What to Know

When sending condolences to flowers, white flowers such as white lilies are your best bet. Lilies symbolize innocence, so when giving them your lilies will comfort the bereaved family that the soul of the deceased has gone to a good place. Gladiolus can be sent to the funeral of an honorable person because it represents the strength of character and moral integrity. White carnations are another popular funerary choice because they symbolize innocence.

Hoping Fast Recovery with getting Well Flowers

How to Give Flowers on Every Special Occasion: What to Know

When someone you know is hospitalized, you can send them flowers wishing them a speedy recovery. Send a bouquet of brightly colored gerbera daisies to brighten up the recipient. Peonies are medicinal and great to use when you want someone to recover quickly. You can give hydrangeas to the recipient to let them know they need to have good resistance to the disease. Creating an app means letting the patient know that it is always on your mind.

Wedding Anniversary

How to Give Flowers on Every Special Occasion: What to Know

If this is your wedding day, don’t let it go by without giving something to your partner. Instead, give at least a bouquet as a gift to let your partner know you appreciate it. You can send flowers according to the number of anniversaries, for example on the anniversary of the first wedding, people usually give carnations. On the second birthday, people usually give in. When you make your partner happy, you and their relationship will grow, and it will grow stronger. You can also send your partner red roses on your wedding day.

Happy Valentine’s Day

How to Give Flowers on Every Special Occasion: What to Know

Valentine’s Day is a day where everyone remembers their loved ones. On Valentine’s Day, people usually give red roses. When you send flowers to friends on Valentine’s Day, you can give yellow roses as gifts because that means friendship. You can send a pink rose to someone you admire. The same thing happens when friends give boyfriends purple orchids. Purple orchids mean beauty and strength. So when you give a purple orchid, it tells someone that it means a lot to you. Send sunflowers to your loved ones to tell them that to you he is like the sun and means happiness to you. Stargazer lilies can make an elegant bouquet that will make your loved ones feel royal on Valentine’s Day.

This article on flowers gives us an interesting idea of ​​how flowers have grown in importance and how diverse the messages they have conveyed over time, and how the flower tradition can still be related to the symbolism of blooming today. But perhaps one of the most interesting observations in the study of flowers is the arena of what the flowering gifts reveal about the nature and perseverance of the human soul. Flowers give a message full of hope in the world. The world may be a busier and more stressful place, but giving flowers still means a lot to people, both give and take, and thus continues to symbolize a civilized society that itself offers comfort and assurance.


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