Remote Work: Mostly do not Describe any Technical Issues From their Company’s IT Team

According to a new study, most employees who experience IT issues while working remotely don’t report the problem to their company’s IT support team.

Specifically, in September, NetMotion surveyed 500 IT professionals and 500 employees from the US and UK who are working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Researchers found that more than 50% of employees said they did not share any technology or security issues with their company’s IT team. While 66% of employees stated that they had an IT problem during the blockade, 57.5% stated that they did not notify their company’s IT specialist.

NetMotion researchers say they don’t ask why employees want to hide their problems from the IT team, but they do believe that some problems are “self-diagnosing” in nature. In other cases, employees may think they are wasting a lot of time working with the IT team.

While 45% of employees said their IT department rated the feedback they received from company employees, 26.2% said that in their experience, feedback to the IT support team “doesn’t change anything.”

In other words, many employees feel that they are not working on IT problems because reporting a problem is not necessarily a guarantee that industry professionals will fix it.

Researchers also found that in addition to employee sentiment, the survey also found that only 45.6% of problems reported to the IT team were resolved satisfactorily.

Among the 82% of organizations found to have some level of remote employee monitoring, the IT team was unable to diagnose the root cause of technical problems caused by remote working.

According to the researchers, while there is ample evidence that IT teams are major contributors to alleviating the problems that employees experience while working remotely, the study results suggest that there is still a lot of room for improvement.

The biggest challenge when working remotely, which caused problems for 45.6% of respondents, was keeping the network up and running. Software and application problems also significantly affected 43.2% of respondents related to remote performance and productivity.

42.8% of respondents had cybersecurity issues related to remote security, while 37.6% said they were disappointed with hardware performance and configuration difficulties.

Remote Work: Mostly do not Describe any Technical Issues From their Company's IT Team

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