The Best Social Networks for Pets

The Best Social Networks for Pets

The cuteness factor is never lacking in our lives, especially when it comes to pets.

For this reason, day after day Internet users publish their pets on various platforms, dragging them into the digital world where there are already some who have become digital stars and influencers.


Some pets have even more followers than many people, displaying their daily routine, expressions, and reactions.


Famous pets earn a good sum of money, their owners are their personal managers, who manage their digital presence.


But if you as the owner want to publish content about your pets, you must select dedicated platforms in that segment.


However, social media as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many others are for general use.

Remember that there will always be more specific and better-segmented platforms.

Therefore, I will present some of:


The best social networks for pets


Mascotea offers a space for all pets in the world, regardless of their breed or type, where it seeks to create a digital space to unify all dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, etc.

It is the key meeting point for all animal lovers.

They can share their day-to-day with their pets, enjoying the mischief and sharing their experience with others.

They also offer some cool features like an abandoned animal adoption section

And they have developed some products that may be necessary for your great friend in life.


It is a Spanish social network, in the beta phase, where you can register your pet, and share its day to day, allowing you to meet other animal lovers and make friends among pets, within the platform.

Help pets to find a home, find a partner, and share your photos, videos, information.

And it has a very interesting option for stores that sell products for animals, where it allows them to create their digital stores within the social network.


It is a social network, which can be accessed through mobile devices such as Android and iOS.

It is an app created in Barcelona, ​​where its main objective is to create a meeting space for dogs and their owners, as you read it, it is an exclusive social network for dogs.

Doggy Talky has a function that allows you to locate services for your pets through geolocation.

Currently, more than 20,000 people have downloaded the application.


It is a space where they share canine advice every day, as well as visit the adoption section. It also has its own physical magazine, it is an incredible space to interact with people who love dogs.

Dogster has a sister site called Catster that shares the same philosophy, style, and content, but is more focused on cats.

These platforms are in English only, unlike the other platforms.

Doggy buddies

It is a network where friends help other friends to find sites for dogs, creating a supportive social network and thus be more relaxed when leaving them somewhere.

It has 3 main functions:

Add friends who love dogs

Add friends, family, and dog lovers to your network of contacts, to become friends with your pet.

Report a request to your network of contacts

Enter the details of the help you need for your pet, once published, your contact network will be notified and the information will reach those close to your network of friends.

Meet your friends’ dogs

Do you love dogs and would you like to earn extra income? You can search for the people who are in your network of contacts, a request from them, and thus get some extra work near your location.

Tag A Cat

If you are one of those who love kittens, this is an interesting social network that you can download to your smartphone, available for iOS and Android operating systems.


The application is free and allows you to get cats and upload your own photos, as well as interact with other users who share the same affection and love for these beautiful felines.


If you have a product or service for pets, I recommend you visit these digital platforms, and thus connect quickly and clearly with your target audience.


Remember that the most important thing about social networks is not to be in all the networks, but the indicated ones.


What do you think about these social networks?


Would you like to add any other?

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